Maths Day 8.2.13

February 8, 2013

All children took part in a range of Maths activities where they used and applied their mathematical skills in number, shape, measure and solving problems. Students from Ashlyns School and Berkhamsted School joined in the fun with the children. There was a buzz of excitement in the classrooms as children fully engaged, enjoyed the challenges. the whole school shared what they had learnt in a celebration assembly at the end of the afternoon.

“Maths Day is brilliant ! We were cutting out nets to make lighthouses. I made a cube and a hexagonal prism.” Jake Year 2

“We had to estimate how much toothpaste was in a tube, solve problems and make games for Year 2 children to learn their times tables.” Holly Year3

“Today has been challenging, we had to work out the volume of a shreddie box, so we measured the depth, width and length. We had to use multiplication and I solved it using the grid method.” Nikolaj Year 4 


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