Yr 2 Japan Day

May 24, 2013

Ohayo!  In our theme work we have been learning about Japan and today we experienced a Japanese school day.  We came to school prepared with our slippers, sunhat, toothpaste and toothbrush!   In Literacy we learned to write Haikus and in Maths we counted in Japanese and looked at the number symbols.   After lunch we made sure we cleaned our teeth carefully.   Then we enjoyed taking part in Japanese dancing, followed a Japanese tea ceremony, and tasted a selection of Japanese food.  The noodles and rice crackers were very popular, but the sushi definitely seemed to be an acquired taste!  Like all good Japanese children, we made sure that we followed the Japanese table customs.  The children also helped to clear up their classroom, which is something that Japanese children are expected to do (they have no cleaners).  The staff and children all had a thoroughly enjoyable day.  Sayonara!

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