Year 2 visit to Boxmoor Trust

June 14, 2013

Year 2 went on an educational visit to The Boxmoor Trust to learn more about mini beasts and their habitats.  Both classes had a lovely time pond dipping and hunting under logs and leaves to uncover the creatures beneath. With their identikits they were able to recognise many of the creatures and sort them in different ways.

They listened to the story of the Gruffalo and then went on a hunt through the meadows and trees to find this mysterious beast with the wart on its nose, its curled up toes and purple prickles on its back! We did not get a clear sighting of him, however we found many of the creatures that he had met on his walk, and lots of signs that the Gruffalo lived in the woods: Gruffalo snot, an old tooth, purple prickles to name but a few.

To avoid disappointment the children were set their next task of filling a colour sheet with colours that could be found in nature.  They were brilliant at this and soon had leaves, twigs and petals stuck in the correct sections.

We now have plenty of work that we can do based on this visit. See this on your next visit into the classroom.

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