Save the Children Marathon Challenge – 23rd Oct 2013

October 25, 2013

On a beautiful, if not slightly breezy, Autumn afternoon, GreenwaySchool were represented by a great team in the Save The Children World Marathon Challenge.

There were lots of nerves but being 5th to race we had the opportunity to watch some of the other schools compete and understand the format of the relay.

Following a brief warm-up in the ‘holding pen’ it was our turn! Kane led the team, passing the baton to Jacob, who in turn ran to Amy. The runners were all running 50m sprints but multiple times to make up the 1500m. There was some excellent ‘baton passing’, I think our few practice sessions had paid off. Following Amy we had Charlie running to Annie, Annie running to Jude, followed by Michael, Erin and Matej, who was our ninth runner. Thomas came along as the reserve and was great in supporting the team.

The result was great, getting in under 5mins is excellent and the runners should all be exceedingly proud of their performance and conduct.

We’re already looking forward to next year!

Helen Page   Sarah Whale   Richard Edwards

P.S. This is the link to the Save The Children World Marathon Challenge results page, our results are not listed yet but hopefully they will go up soon, it just goes to show how well we did with so many teams coming in over 5mins


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