Chestnut Assembly

November 12, 2013

During their recent assembly, Chestnut Class had the opportunity to tell everyone how much they have learnt about electricity in their Science lessons. First, they explained that electricity gives us the energy to do work every single day. They sang a song that explained how terribly inconvenient it would be for us to live without it. Chestnut explained about the dangers of mains electricity and how to stay safe. Next, the children described how they had made a ‘series circuit’ and also a switch to turn it on, or off. During Design and Technology lessons Chestnut have used their knowledge of electrical circuits to produce a unique quiz game. When the correct answer is chosen, a bulb lights up! Subjects ranged from axolotls to Harry Potter! To finish off, Chestnut shared some of their thought on new forms of sustainable energy such as the sun, wind and plants.

Well done Chestnut!

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