Eco Council – Autumn 2013

November 12, 2013

The Eco Club have had a busy start to the new school year. They have taken on the responsibility of looking after the small fenced garden (in the main playground) that was developed last year. Their first job was to harvest the impressive crop of runner beans that had grown over the summer. They collected some beans to be stored over the winter and hopefully these will be the basis of next year’s crop. The next job was to make some homes for the ‘mini-beasts’ that live in the garden- they need a dry safe place to spend the winter months. These homes were made from plastic bottles and sticks of bamboo. None of the old vegetable plants have gone to waste; they have been added to our new compost bin. Also, in an exciting new development, the Eco Club now have a collection of Compost Worms that are working hard to generate to high quality compost for our plant next year. The worms have their own special bin (like a worm hotel) and they are being fed with donations of vegetable waste from our own school kitchen. A spin off from the Worm Farm is that it produces excellent plant food. Volunteers from Eco Club have been going around the school giving the plants a much needed feed!

Keep up the good work Eco Club!

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