TheTower of London Visit – 2nd December 2013

December 18, 2013

On 2nd December Year 4 spent a thoroughly enjoyable day at the Tower of London as part of their history studies of the Normans.

After the Battle of Hastings in 1066, William I commissioned the building of the WhiteTower as a fortress and a palace.   The Tower controlled and protected the eastern entry to London from the river.  It was one of the first great stone towers to be built in England and was the tallest tower in the country. We were able to compare the Tower with today’s tallest building as The Shard was clearly visible in the sunshine.

The Tower was a symbol of Norman power and wealth and over the years has been a fortress, royal residence, prison, mint and even a zoo!

We looked the different places in the Tower where people were imprisoned and had fun speculating about whether anybody had managed to escape. We heard about bravery, torture and devious attempts to steal the crown jewels. This was followed by a look at the BloodyTower and the stunning crown jewels in the Jewel House. The most common question was ‘are they the real thing?”

We saw the famous ravens and were even treated to a stunning view of TowerBridge as is opened to allow a ship through.

All agreed it was an excellent day out.

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