Local Author in Residence, 24th January – 31st January

February 11, 2014

As part of our whole school focus on improving writing, Sue Hampton our local author visited Greenway for a week to share her passion for writing and inspire the children to write.

During the week the children produced some fantastic pieces of writing which they were very proud of. Sue shared some of their writing with the whole school in Friday’s celebration assembly.

This is some of the children’s feedback –

“I felt happy because I always wanted to be an author. I learnt that you don’t need to use too much speech.”  Milly H

“I learnt that we don’t need to always start a story with-  Once upon a time.”  Ava

“I felt really excited working with an author. Sue told me she was impressed with my spelling!” Adam

“I really like working with Sue I wanted to stay with her for the whole day!” Rebecca

“I liked it because we got to do fun activities!” Fraser

“I felt happy because I got to work with an author and I learnt a variety of new words.” Daniel



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