Year 4 Visit to Thames Water at Maple Lodge, Rickmansworth

May 16, 2014

During the first week of May, Year 4 were the first guests of Thames Water at their newly opened education centre at Maple Lodge sewage treatment works.

Sewage from Berkhamsted travels fifteen miles to the Rickmansworth site – in fact we were told that if we had flushed the toilet at breakfast time the results were probably arriving by 11:30am!

As well as getting a tour of the sewage works to see sewage treatment in action from start to finish, Year 4 also got to grips with the water cycle and the way that Thames Water use waste products in sewage to create biogas and renewable energy.

The children were able to carry out simple science experiments in the classroom to create an example of the process happening in the sludge digesters on site.

They were then given the challenge of filtering ‘sewage soup’ (a harmless mixture of food items!). They use a range of materials to see who was left with the cleanest liquid at the end of the session.

It was a fascinating, if unglamorous visit!

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