Greenway Science Day 18th June 2014

June 25, 2014

Greenway children became scientists for a day on 18th June. They moved around the school and tried out a wide range of fascinating activities.


KS2 became ‘Crime Scene Investigators’ for the day and performed forensic tests on soils, ‘poisons’, ink and finger prints.

The afternoon gave Years 3 and 4 the opportunity to discover what owls have for dinner. The children learnt that birds of prey regurgitate pellets containing all the fur and bones from the animals that they eat.

They very carefully dissected the bones from owl pellets and were able to reconstruct the skeletons of whole animals (mostly small mammals but one owl had eaten a bird!).

What did they think?

The owl pellets were really fun because you could find every bone from the animals the owl had eaten’, Kane Year 4.

‘I loved putting the poisons in the test tubes and shaking them!’ Theo year 4.

I liked the ink analysis because I saw that there is blue ink in a black felt-tip pen’, Molly Year 4.

I loved it when we made our own finger prints’, Chloe Year 4.

KS1 – Science is Magic!

The children in Years 1 and 2 investigated materials and their properties by making Gloop.

Predictions about floating and sinking were made by discovering whether different vegetables would float in water.

KS1 also investigated the properties of magnets with a fabulous carousel of activities, including moving objects through paper, air and water.

Thanks to Miss Dell the children now know how to defy gravity and make a balloon float in mid-air!

Mad Science Assembly.

Assembly for the whole school was presented by Mad Scientist, Nick. He demonstrated how to overcome gravity and that heat is required for combustion in a way that none of the children will ever forget!

It was the greatest assembly ever!’ Beau Year 2.

What did the children think of Science Day?

It couldn’t have been better!’ Holly Year 4.

I loved the Mad Science assembly, I thought the murder mystery was brilliant and I found the owl pellet really interesting,’ Lauren Year 4.

I wished that we had more time!’ Toby Year 3.

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