Year 4 Pedestrian Skills Day

June 27, 2014

On 26th June Year 4 had a day of ‘pedestrian skills’ training.

First, the children learnt how to read ‘hazard’ road signs and where it is safe to cross the road. Next, this discussion was consolidated by the children going out in small groups (with a trained instructor) for a tour of the local streets.

During the afternoon, Year 4 had discussions about the particular hazards which are associated with trucks on our streets. The children were able to experience driver ‘blind spots’ by putting on special glasses and trying to spot their friends. They also carried out an exercise to give them a sense of how difficult it is to turn a lorry around a sharp corner.

Further activities demonstrated to the children that they may not see fast moving objects approaching if they are using a phone or have their head covered with a hoodie when they are walking along.

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