Year 3 Roman Shields

December 15, 2014

Year 3 have had a fantastic time learning about the Romans this term and, most recently, finding out about the Roman army.  We looked at the type of people that became soldiers, the different ranks within the army, the kinds of clothing worn and the various weapons and shields used.  We enjoyed creating our own authentic designs for a Roman shield and then using these in a mock battle.

During the battle, the teachers shouted commands at us in Latin, such as ‘silentium’, ‘attentus’, ‘moveo’ and ‘ad testudinem’ (form a tortoise formation).   Once we had formed our ‘tortoise formations’ we were then pelted with missiles (by the teachers) and our carefully positioned shields proved to be an excellent line of defence!  Lots of the children agreed that the afternoon was a real highlight of the topic.

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