Year 4 Maths

February 3, 2015

Year 4 Cones Maths Group has been working on ordering numbers, including decimals. As an extra piece of homework they were asked to come up with a rhyme, poem or some instructions to help learn to order decimals. Here is what they have done, we hope you find it helpful.

Ordering Decimals Rap
by Poppy Redman

Look to the left of the decimal dot,
Find the smallest number you’ve got.
The smallest will be first on the list,
Now you’re getting the gist.

Put the smallest first and the largest last,
We’ll have these numbers sorted fast…
If two numbers are the same,
You’ll have to play my game.

Look to the right of the decimal dot,
Find the smallest number you’ve got.
The smallest will be next on your list,
Now you’re getting the gist!

Ordering Decimals Rhyme
By Emmie Roberts

To order decimals you’ve got to follow my rhyme
And it will work every time
Look at the thousandths, hundredths and tenths
Put the smallest or biggest at the front
The others in the middle, then at the back
This little rhyme will keep you on track.

Learn About Decimals
By Sophie Brown

It’s good to learn about decimals,
It proves we’re clever than animals.
If you find maths a chore,
Then these will not be a bore.
Decimals make sense of money
So you’d better learn them so you’re not a dummy.

Decimals – Mark Sutcliffe

1. To order decimals you need to look at the number in front of the decimal point and put them in order. 9.38, 3.73, 8.39, 23.21
3.73, 8.39, 9.38, 23.21
Then put the last number and you have put them in order from the smallest to the biggest! (from biggest to smallest you turn them all around so it would be: 23.21, 9.38, 8.39, 3.73)

2. If you have 9.98 and 9.83 the first number is the same so you can move onto the next number after the decimal point. As we know 9 is bigger than 8 so if it is smallest to biggest it will be 9.83 then 9.98.

3. If you have 8.01 and 8.001 you take the one with 2 zeros so that the smallest is 8.001 then 8.01.

4. To order 9.80 and 9.81 the first two digits are the same so you look at the last digit. 1 is bigger than 0 so from smallest to biggest it would be 9.80 then 9.81.

5. If you have 1.00000 and 2.00000 you take away all the zeros and the decimal point and order 1 and 2, so from smallest to biggest it would be 1.00000 and 2.00000.

Top Tip: Work from left to right.

Ordering Decimals – Rose York

To order a decimal from lowest to highest you just put them in a grid!

Hundreds Tens Units . Tenths Hundredths Thousandths
Add in the zeros in the grid and start moving from left to right. Order each column moving the biggest to the top.

Decimals – Joe Woollett

1. First look at the number before the decimal point, you would do smallest to highest or highest to smallest.
2. Then you look at the next two numbers, if it was 07 it would turn around and be 70. If it was 54 it would be 54.0

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