Lincolnsfield 2015

April 29, 2015

The children are very excited to be evacuated from Greenway to Lincolnsfield! They look fantastic in their costumes with their accompanying gas masks and identity tags! We will upload more pictures as the visit goes on.

Year 4 arrived safely at Lincolnsfield and did a range of activities including code-breaking, orienteering around the site, experiencing the WW2 school-room and writing a card home. Everyone is eating well, having fun and learning new (for some) skills such as making a bed and washing up!

Day 2 at Lincolnsfield was lots of fun. Each group did the following: explored a 1940s house, dug for Victory in the garden, rode in a Dodge Truck, found out what it was like in the blitz and visited a museum full of war-time memorabilia. The children have been delightful and will come home today with loads of new knowledge and experiences to talk about.

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