Eco-Club Summer 2015

June 22, 2015

Eco-Club Summer Report!

Over the year, we have been hard at work improving the environment around and inside the school.

We have successfully grown some lovely sunflowers. These are currently adding a bright splash of colour to various offices and classrooms. There are also tomatoes, strawberries and beans growing.

When Year 5 visited College Lake we were particularly impressed by the number of creatures we could find living under logs. We were keen to have a similar habitat in our own garden, so we have introduced some large logs and have been monitoring what has moved in!

Our earthworms have been hard at work; composting vegetable waste from the school kitchen. They have now made enough compost for us to feed the trees growing in pots. Mrs Adams’ Christmas tree has grown already!

We have some new trees that were grown by a former pupil; we hope to find a place to plant them in the ground next winter.

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