Science Week, 18th – 22nd May 2015

June 1, 2015

The whole week, Greenway has been buzzing with excitement about ‘Space Science’. They have experienced a very rich and diverse range of activities across the whole school, from the youngest to oldest.

Here is a brief taste of some of the activities: building rockets and investigating their flight; understanding how ‘life’ might be identified in ‘Martian’ soils; learning about meteorites and where they come from; baking ‘Moon Rock cakes; ‘training like an astronaut’ in PE; producing fabulous planet-inspired art; learning about been Ancient Greek sky watchers and how our understanding of our Solar System has changed.

One of the highlights for children (and staff) was the visit from an inflatable planetarium- set up in the hall.

Perhaps one of the most memorable  moments was the unique opportunity to hold, not only pieces of rock from the Moon, but also a meteorite that is known to have originally come from Mars- at 4.5 billion years old probably the oldest thing we will ever hold in our hands! (With grateful thanks to the Natural History Museum and NASA). The museum collection also included a fascinating group of different meteorites that the children were also able to hold and feel.

Quotes from some of the children:

Year 1: ‘I liked learning about the planets in the song because it was funny and I liked holding the Moon rock.’

Year 2: I really liked the planetarium because it taught me loads of new facts.

Year 3: I liked Science week very much, especially when we made rock cakes, touching meteorites, pieces of Mars and Moon rock (that was the most exciting).

Year 4: I loved everything because I love space and I have learnt more than I knew before. It has inspired me even more to become an astronaut!

Year 5: I loved everything, I had no favourite. I think that every child has found it all a privilege!

Best Science week ever!

In November 2015 the first publicly funded British astronaut (Tim Peake) will be joining the International Space Station. We will be following his activities closely and hope to continue to inspire the children to pursue their fabulous interest and curiosity about Science.

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