Greenway v Boxmoor football 20.11.15

November 25, 2015

On Friday 20th November, the Greenway boys football team went head to head with Boxmoor. Greenway started the game strong, mounting countless attacks but unable to capitalise. Soon enough they took the lead through Matej and for once managed to hold on to the lead for a while. The performance looked very convincing from Greenway and anyone watching would assume that we had a commanding lead. However, as half time approached, Boxmoor did pull one back. This set Greenway back to square one and we now had to fight to regain the lead. After the interval, the Greenway onslaught continued but with no goals to show for it. They kept mounting attacks and persevered. Eventually, the boys took charge and put  the ball in the net to take a 2-1 lead. From here the Greenway attacks became more frequent and a lot more threatening. Finally, the deal was sealed when the 3rd goal went in to give Greenway the 3-1 victory.

Football picture




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