Greenway vs St Mary’s football match, 10th November 2015

November 11, 2015

On November 10th 2015, Greenway boy’s football team embarked on their second game of the season in a local derby against St Mary’s. They got off to a positive start making a number of strong attacks. The only thing they lacked was a goal, due to the emphatic goal-keeping display by the St Mary’s shot stopper. A few of the lads came close to breaking the deadlock, but it almost felt like it was going to be ‘one of those days’ for the opposing keeper. Fortunately, through a bit of luck, the greenway centre half broke the deadlock. Charlie had slotted home after a small tussle. It seemed as though Charlie had noticed a flaw in the St Mary’s set up. They only left their quickest man forward, so Charlie had cleverly organised his 2 defensive compatriots to control the speedy man. This enabled Charlie to free roam the pitch, and by free roam I really mean cover every blade of grass. Against the run of play, St Mary’s pulled one back. However, the hard work of the Greenway team pulled and who else to seal the deal than Charlie again to finish off another brilliant Greenway attack. The boys had built themselves a strong defensive line, which gave them that platform to attack so frequently. All of the boys were working hard when they didn’t have the ball which meant they regained possession very quickly. It wasn’t long before they struck again with 2 goals coming in quick succession. I’m positive you can guess where the goals came from by the biased nature of this report thus far. Correct, Charlie had again slotted home 2 goals to bring his and Greenway’s tally to 4. The first half score sheet would make anyone think it was the Charlie show. However, he was only able to be so effective because the other boys had done their jobs unbelievably well making it seem like we had an extra man on the pitch. It just so happened that one boy found himself in the right place and the right time on 4 occasions.

The second half was a different story as Charlie had actually quite literally run himself into the ground. A few changes ensured the Greenway side were refreshed. The boys continued their onslaught with goals from Jacob, Finn x2, Matej and Jude making the score line become more than comfortable. So comfortable in fact that Greenway skipper and goal keeper, Ryan, got a rare chance out on pitch with Charlie slotting in the sticks. The great football continued from Greenway which was an absolute dream to watch. A late injury produced a second introduction to the game for Jacob, who quite beautifully put the icing on the cake with the 10th and final goal for Greenway. The match ended 10-1 to the Greenway boys. I feel it must be mentioned that the belief and determination of the St Mary’s side simply cannot be ignored. They never gave up and continued to create chances all game no matter how bad the deficit. A trait, I feel is quite admirable. Many thanks to the supporters who are always on hand to back the boys and of course the boys themselves for a great display of hard work and actually pulling it off!

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