Year 2 Sports Festival, 24.11.15

November 25, 2015

On Tuesday 24th of November, the whole of Greenway Year 2 went to a sports festival at the local sports centre. This was an opportunity for the Year 2’s to try out different sports to see if they liked any which would then put them in a good position to consider taking up the sport they enjoyed most. They got to try out some mini athletics and gymnastics in the form of some small courses that involved speed bounce, high steppers and balancing.  There was also some jumbo speed stacking racing which they got to try out by stacking and de-stacking cups in shuttle races. Next, there were some small boccia, bowling and curling activities which were very simplistic but very enjoyable. Also they had the opportunity to use the crazy catch nets which propel balls back at you after you throw them on the net. These are used in many sports to help co-ordination and catching. Finally, they got to try out some dance with a dance instructor. All the activities seemed really enjoyable and the feedback for the children was really positive and we hope they enjoyed it enough to get involved some more.
sport fest

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