Greenway boys County table tennis finals, 4th December 2015

December 9, 2015

On Friday 4th December, the Greenways boys table tennis team competed at the Hertfordshire under 11’s table tennis final at Queens School in Bushey. They had previously won the under 11’s Dacorum finals which had earned them their position at the county finals and a chance to represent Dacorum.

The boys had to play against 4 teams in their pool and they played their individual opponent twice. This meant that because there were 4 players on each team, there would be 8 matches between each school. The top two schools in each pool would progress through to the semi-finals.

The boys had never been to an event quite like this. Every table was barricaded off, there were umpires, match balls, you name it. It soon set in that this was a big event and the boys realised the level they had reached in such a short time.

Having never been to a county event like this, the boys felt like huge underdogs. They had to compete against several schools that had a history of being at these events consistently and always competing on a county level.

The boys realised early that it was not going to be as easy as playing Mr Loczy at lunchtime. Early frustrations soon withered as the boys tried as best they could to just enjoy themselves and not worry too much about the results as it was simply a very high level they were playing at.

All of the games were tight and the boys definitely proved they belonged amongst Hertfordshire’s finest. They lost to the first school 5-3 on games, then lost to the second school 6-2 on games, then lost 5-3 again but then won the last game with a commanding 8-0. This meant Greenway’s total games won was 16. Amazingly, they finished 3rd in their group. This meant they did not progress through to the semi’s but did prove they were a part of a very elite group. They didn’t have an overall ranking but we were able to work out the boys would have come 5th. So the boys return to their home court to thrash Mr Loczy with their superior 5th best in county titles!

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