Year 4 Tag Rugby vs George Street in a 3rd/4th place play off

January 18, 2016

On Wednesday 13th January 2016, the year 4 tag rugby season came to a thrilling climax! The team had fought hard all season, pulling off some brilliant results to reach a 3rd/4th place play off. The whole success of the season rested on this cold, bitter night in the depths of Hemel Hempstead’s Cavendish school.

A loss could shatter the hopes and dreams of 10 outstanding tag rugby enthusiasts. A win, however, would send the same 10 children back to Greenway standing tall with a podium finish. On the night, the atmosphere was corrupted by nerves, but only one team could take home the bronze.

As the game started, Greenway struck within seconds. They took the lead instantly with a bolting direct run from Cameron Jarvis. Greenway then carefully defended and struck again leading the game 2-0. They clearly adopted the theory of striking while the iron is hot, because they soon saw their tally reach 3 and then 4 before finally conceding. This 4 try cushion allowed Greenway to really relax and get a hold of the game. Half-time dawned and the game was 6-3, which meant Greenway has a strong, commanding lead.

The second half got underway and some fresh faces stepped onto the field for Greenway. None looked out of place as they all added a different aspect to the game. Asa brought solidarity to the defence, Fraser brought raw pace which gained Greenway a lot of yards and Conor brought a strong distribution of the ball with his terrific passing skills. This ensured Greenway saw the game out and they did, with a few notable individual efforts from Sophie Mabbs, which took the game to 12-7 in Greenway’s favour.

Congratulations to:

  • Verity Brimmer
  • Fraser Buttle
  • Cameron Jarvis
  • Asa Jay
  • Finlay MacDonald
  • Beth Ryan
  • Conor Whittingham-Jones
  • Sophie Mabbs
  • Aliya Power
  • Ollie Costelloe

You are officially the 3rd best year 4 tag rugby team in Dacorum!

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