Year 5 sharing Assembly 13th January 2016

January 14, 2016

A little later than planned, Year 5 finally had the opportunity to share what they have been learning about World War 1 with both parents and the rest of the school.

Sycamore Class introduced this huge topic with an explanation of the political alliances and the triggers that finally led to war. They also told us about conditions in the trenches and periscopes.

Spruce Class had done their own research on the role of animals during this conflict. They told us stories about a fascinating range of animals: baboons, bears, dogs, horses, pigs, donkeys, pigeons, cats, elephants and even glow worms played their part in WW1.

Spruce finished with a poem about The Christmas Truce and the whole of Year 5 sang the poignant Christmas carol, Silent Night.

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