Dacorum Tag Rugby Festival 11.2.16, Team Greenway 2

February 29, 2016

On Thursday the 11t h of February 2016 we went to the Dacorum Years 5 and 6 Tag Rugby Festival. We were called Greenway 2 and we were in pool D. We played 5 games against Kings Langley 1, Potten End 2, South Hill 1, Redding and Chambersbury.

In Game 1 we lost 4-2 against Kings Langley, in that game Jim and Conor got a try for us. Even though we lost we still kept our heads up high as there were 4 more games to play.

In game 2 we won 3-2 against Chambersbury, in that game Margot, Izzy and Jude got a try in that game. We carried on trying our best.

In game 3 we won 4-1 against Potten End, in that game Izzy, Jude and Jim got two try’s in that game.

In game 4 we won 3-2 against Redding, in that game Aidan, Jim and Conor got a try to give us confidence in our last game in the group stage.

In our last game we won 4-2 against South Hill, in that game Jude, Izzy, Jim and Aidan got a try for us.

In the presentation it came to a tight close. On points we drew equally and it came to try difference, we drew to Kings Langley and Redding but unfortunately we lost by two try’s and Kings Langley went through.

By Aidan


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