Polar Fun Day at Greenway

June 6, 2016

On 24th May, Greenway was visited by Alba Aguión, a zoologist with a particular interest in Polar Science. She spoke to KS2 about her polar experiences, giving them insight into the importance of scientific research in Polar regions and some of the wildlife that she has seen.

Year 5 then looked at polar kit – Alba brought a wide variety of polar survival kit to demonstrate. Then everyone was able to try something on.

Year 6 made blubber gloves to learn about how animals keep themselves warm in the Polar regions (blubber gloves are made out of sandwich bags and lard). They then tried out their gloves in ice-water to demonstrate the insulating properties of marine animals’ blubber. The lard was then used to make bird feeders.

It was a fascinating and inspiring day.

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