Yr 4 visit to Science Museum Nov 16

November 28, 2016

All our year 4 children went to London and enjoyed an inspiring day at the Science Museum. They experienced a live show about electricity and spent an exciting hour in the brilliant ‘Wonderlab’. This facility offers a huge range of ‘hands-on’ activities such as: playing with magnetic oil; making sound waves and clouds to name but a few. The day ended with a spectacular film in the IMAX cinema about insects that live in rainforests. It was certainly a day to remember, here are some of the children’s comments:

“I think that the Science Museum was simply fantastic, especially as I learnt so many facts.” Lauren.

“I recommend the Wonderlab, it was very interactive.” Olivia.

“I enjoyed finding out loads of things and my favourite part was the Wonderlab. Our school trip was wonderful.” Lucy.

“I enjoyed learning about nature at the Science Museum; all our learning experiences were amazing.” Jamie.

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