Terrific Scientific Feb 2017

February 10, 2017

Year 4 joined in with the ‘Terrific Scientific’ project called ‘What happens when I eat?’ We found out how many of our children are ‘tasters’, ‘supertasters’ and ‘non-tasters’. They did this by counting the number of Fungiform Papillae (pink bumps) on the front of their tongues.

We found that we had (Non-tasters 12%, Tasters 27% and Supertasters 61%).

Our results did not agree with the data for the whole population (Non-Tasters 25%, Tasters 50% and Supertasters 25%). This might be because of their age or the accuracy of their counts!

Interestingly, ‘Supertasters’ often find it difficult to get used to new or bitter tastes such as sprouts or kale.

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