Lincolnsfield, full report

May 16, 2017

Year 4 Go Back in Time!

During the first week of May, Year 4 went to live an Evacuee’s life in war-torn England. They visited Lincolnsfield (which has twelve original WW2 buildings) and had the opportunity to see how life was different in the home and at school.

After being evacuated from school, the children had many hands–on learning experiences such as: using ration cards; looking at pre-decimal coinage and handling clothing from the war. They visit a ‘bombed out’ London street; toured the unique reconstructed 1940’s house; helped with wash day in the 1940’s kitchen; took part in drill sessions; responded to an air raid alert and helped as Land Army volunteers on the farm and in the ‘Dig for Victory’ garden. They found out how people in WW2 would recycle as much as they could and ‘Make do and Mend’.

Perhaps the most powerful experience for the children was the chance to meet the Lincolnsfield volunteers. They met two genuine evacuees and a wonderful 93 year old gentleman who fought and was taken prisoner during WW2. These wonderful people told stories that the children will never forget.

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