Nursery Spring 2017

May 10, 2017

Nursery are engaging in learning about growth and change.

We have planted cress and sunflower seeds and have been very excited to see them grow, especially as we can eat the cress in our sandwiches! We have also planted-out some tomato plants, which Mr Austin very kindly helped us with. We are excited to learn new skills, such as tying plants to stakes for support and manage to persevere, even when we find it very tricky to tie knots!

We are also keen to learn how to look after our plants and check regularly to see if they need more water and if there are any tomatoes yet – also learning that gardeners have to be very patient as some plants take longer to grow than others!

We enjoy discovering mini-beasts in the Nursery garden and have been reading the very Hungry Caterpillar and learning about the Butterfly Life-Cycle.

We are also learning about how we have grown and changed from when we were babies and how we are different to younger siblings, relations and friends – and what we would like to do when we grow up.

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