Yr 4 visit to Science Fayre 14.6.17

June 15, 2017

On 14th June, all of Year 4 visited Berkhamsted Prep School to take part in workshops led by the Bayfordbury Observatory staff.

  • They visited the Planetarium to learn about the objects in deep space.
  • They looked at some extraordinary creatures called ‘Water Bears’ or Tardigrades that have survived being taken into space!
  • The children had the opportunity to make air rockets and were delighted when they were fired up to the ceiling.
  • They saw infrared cameras that are used for looking at stars and felt ‘gravity boxes’ that gave them some idea of the effects of gravity on different planets.
  • An activity called ‘Mystery Boxes’ was designed to give the children a sense of how scientific research is carried out.

A very inspiring afternoon was had by all!

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