Yr 2 European Day of Languages – Wales

October 10, 2017

Mrs. Williams came into school to talk to us about when she grew up in Wales as a child. She told us that she only ever spoke Welsh at school and had to learn English from the television and books. Mrs. Williams taught Year 2 to count to 10 and say the names of colours. We can now order our lunch in Welsh, coch for red, gwyrdd for green and melyn for yellow. We also learnt that the Welsh alphabet has 29 letters but no K like the English alphabet. The extra letters are ch, dd, ff, ng, ll, ph, rh and th. We then learnt about the Welsh legend of Gelert.  Gelert was the faithful hound of Prince Llewelyn. He trusted his dog to guard his baby son while he went out hunting. On his return to found a horrendous sight, Gelert and the baby were covered in blood. Thinking that Gelert had killed his son out of jealousy he killed him with his dagger. Only when his dog was dead did Llewelyn notice a dead wolf in the corner of the room. Gelert had saved the baby from the wolf. Llewelyn was so heartbroken he had killed his hound that it is said he never smiled again.

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