Year 5 visit to Imperial War Museum. Duxford

November 14, 2017

On 13.11.17 Year 5 paid a visit to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford to complement their lessons on WW1 and Science.

They visited the interactive area and learnt about ‘The Forces of Flight’.

‘I found the trip very interesting and I learnt a lot about how the wing shape creates lift and how this means that the plane can go up in the air’, Georgie F.

The children got up-close to some of the most famous aircraft in the world, including a visit inside Concorde (the plane had its nose dipped and carried a wreath in honour of Remembrance Day). We had a detailed look at the WW1 plane called the DH9.

I learnt the pilots must have had a horrible time because the planes were not covered and it must have been very cold’, Ben H.

I loved the second floor, the view was amazing! Audrius G

I really liked seeing the new planes next to the really old ones’, Milly C.

As an extra treat, some of the children saw a Spitfire flying across the airfield.

‘I liked it a lot because we got to see lots of the things that we have been learning about’, Katie A.

‘I would go there again, it was fascinating and amazing!’ Isabella W.

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