Rememberance; Yr 5 visit from Mrs Heard, November 2017

November 10, 2017

Year 5 were very pleased to welcome back local grandparent Mrs. Heard to Greenway this week. She had previously told the children about her experiences of WW2, but this time she brought in some of her fascinating collection of WW1 artefacts.

She told the children about her visits to famous WW1 battlefields and memorials. The children were allowed to hold some of the objects from her collection including: a soldier’s boot and helmet, a rifle, horse shoes, death medals and shell cases.  Mrs. Heard also brought in some Princess Mary Christmas gift boxes (a brass tin containing a card, photograph of Princess Mary and either chocolate or tobacco, these were distributed to all members of the armed forces of the British Empire on Christmas day 1914). The newspaper shows the list of the fallen from a single day!

It was a very poignant experience for the children at this time of Remembrance.

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