“The personal development and welfare of pupils is outstanding. They are extremely well cared for.” (Ofsted November 2017)
“The teachers and support staff are amazing and work tirelessly to provide care and education (on all levels) that is supportive, interesting and inspiring” (Year 5 parent/carer)
“Greenway is a fantastic school. There is a real sense of home and school partnership” (Year 4 parent/carer)
“Staff are friendly, approachable and definitely put the child first. Always willing to go the extra mile” (Reception & Year 3 parent/carer)
“Greenway is a very child focused, family friendly and inclusive school, where everyone is made to feel welcome! Staff are particularly approachable and know the children very well as individuals” (Year 5 parent/carer)
“The standard of teaching and range of subjects that my child covers at Greenway is exceptional” (Year 5 parent/carer)
The lines of communication are extremely clear and professional from top down and this really helps ensure both parents and teachers are all supporting the children in the same way” (Year 1 parent/carer)

Welcome from the Headteacher

Return to School

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We are now as ready as we can be and are really looking forward to some of the children returning to school on Monday 1 June.

Staff have worked incredibly hard to prepare the school and grounds in anticipation of the children’s return. With safety as our paramount concern, Greenway will, at least initially, look quite a bit different to many of you.

View our map showing details of where you and your children will be directed on arrival.
View our Information Guide previously circulated containing all relevant details.
View our Letter to Parents

Please do share these with your children if you and they are returning on Monday and please encourage them to see all of the changes as positive steps that we are all taking to help everyone to stay well.

If your child/ren is/are not returning on Monday, for whatever reason, please be assured that they (and you) remain part of our school community and are very much in our thoughts. Your children will continue to have work uploaded to our website every fortnight (the same work as for those in school), we remain available for you and we will be doing all we can – within the school’s capacity and within the guidance provided by the government and local authority – to get to a place where everyone can be together again at Greenway. 


As the Head Teacher of Greenway Primary and Nursery School, the staff and I warmly welcome you. Greenway is committed to providing a consistently safe, positive, stimulating, rewarding and happy environment in which every child has the opportunity to meet the Vision that Greenway has for its pupils.  We have high expectations for our pupils and aim to encourage our pupils to learn, develop and grow into responsible, caring adults within a climate of respect, warmth and understanding.  We are fully committed to equal opportunities and working co-operatively.

At Greenway we are proud of our academic achievements and are determined to continue to further raise our high level of attainment. Greenway provides an exciting and stimulating learning environment with an emphasis on building strong working partnerships between pupils, parents, staff and the wider community. Pupils are encouraged to be caring and supportive to everyone, as well as developing confidence, independence and resilience. These important life skills are recognised by Greenway as the foundations to the future development of our pupils.

Caring to Learn, Learning to CareWe look forward to working with you,

Katharine Ellwood


‘All Behaviour is a form of communication’
View leaflet and PowerPoint about our therapeutic approach at Greenway 
Positive Behaviour, Hints and Tips, click here

Daily Mile @ Greenway, click here