Key Stage 1

Year 1 – Elm 

Year 2 – Pine  

Key Stage 1 comprises pupils aged 5 – 7.  We currently admit 30 pupils in each year group and our aim is to keep class sizes to 30 or under.

From Year 1 pupils are engaged in all National Curriculum subjects.

During the Autumn term, Year 1 have a transition period where Child Initiated activities will be part of the curriculum and they can access their own fenced outdoor environment. This is gradually phased out towards the end of the term so by the Spring term they are ready for a school day as described above.

A current typical day for Key Stage 1

08.55   School starts
09.00   Registration
09.05   Early morning activities
09.20   English groups
10.25   Collective act of worship
10.40   Play time
11:00   Maths groups
12.00   Lunch time
13.00   Foundation curriculum subjects
14.15   Play time
14.30   Foundation curriculum subjects
15.15   Home time