Travelling to School

Travelling to School

Greenway School is committed to ensuring that everyone travelling to school can do so as safely as possible. With this in mind, parents and pupils are encouraged to walk to school. Walking to school keeps the pupils fit, encourages social interaction and reduces congestion around the school gates. The school is situated in a residential area and there is very little parking available on neighbouring streets. If you are unable to walk all the way from home to school, please consider parking away from the school gates and walking the last 5 minutes to school.

There are 2 ways to access the school site at drop off and pick up time:

  • through the Greenway School entrance on Crossways;
  • through the side gate on the alleyway leading to Gilbert Way.

Please note that all these access points are intended to be used as pedestrian-only.

During the day the only access to the school is via Greenway’s main entrance on Crossways.

Approaching the School by Car

If you have to drive to school please drive slowly on the roads approaching the school gates – there is a 20mph speed limit. If you drive and park in Crossways please adhere to the informal parking system we have in operation. This requires you to drive down towards the school, turn around in the turning circle and then park on the left facing towards Shootersway. Please park considerately for our neighbours.

Please do not park in the turning circle or on the yellow ‘School Keep Clear Lines.’ The Police do enforce these restrictions.

For pupils’ safety, parents are not permitted to drive their cars into the school grounds at any time.