Our Curriculum

The national curriculum consists of three core subjects: English, Mathematics and Science, together with the foundation subjects: History, Geography, Design & Technology (DT), Art, Computing, Physical Education (PE), Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE), Religious Education (RE) and Modern Foreign Languages (KS2 only).

Greenway has a creative approach to the delivery of these subjects. Each year group has different themes throughout the year, which are cross-curricular and covered through subjects such as History, Geography, Art and DT. Some subjects are taught discreetly to ensure the breadth of the curriculum is covered. In addition, underpinning all learning activities are our Golden Values and a programme of Philosophy for Children (P4C), both of which promote respect, positive attitudes, confidence and self-esteem.

The school has a home learning policy which requires pupils to carry out certain tasks at home. All these tasks will be related to work carried out in the classroom and will extend and support pupils’ learning. Reading at home is part of home learning and extended reading is encouraged through borrowing books from the school and town libraries.

Greenway offers its pupils a broad and balanced curriculum, full of rich learning experiences, all of which are designed to prepare them for their adult lives in modern Britain. Follow the subject links below for an overview of how each subject is taught and the Year group links to see more information on content.

English curriculum – purpose and aims

KS1 Phonics Scheme

Mathematics curriculum – purpose and aims



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