The Governing Body

The Governing Body

The Governing Body takes a largely strategic role in the running of the school in setting its aims and objectives, policies and targets for achieving objectives, and in reviewing progress. Greenway’s Governing Body is made up of two parent Governors, one Local Authority Governor, two staff Governors and seven co-opted Governors. The Head Teacher has the right to be a Governor. Each Governor is nominated or elected for a four year period. The Chair of Governors is elected annually. The present Chair is Elizabeth O’Reilly.

The Governors are very active in their support of the school and meet at least three times a term as a full Governing Body.

Minutes of meetings are available via the school office on request.

To contact the Chair of Governors, please email

As at May 2023, the present Governing Body comprises:

Parent Governors

Richard Millar
Timothy Winmill


Nick Brown
Louise Collins
Fiona Duck (Vice Chair)
Janet English
Elizabeth O’Reilly (Chair)
Michele Webb (Non Teaching Staff)
1 Vacancy

Local Authority

1 Vacancy


Katharine Ellwood
Mark Loczy

Governor Biographies

Nick Brown

Co-opted Governor July – 2020-2024

Nick joined Greenway Governing Body as a parent governor in September 2016 following no nominations having been received from within the school’s parent body. He is a chartered surveyor with his own practise based in Tring and a part time university lecturer – he grew up in Berkhamsted and went through the town’s school system.

Responsibilities: Premises, Health and Safety

Louise Collins

Co-Vice Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor – Sept 2019-2023

First elected by parents to Greenway’s Governing Body in 2011, Lou was reappointed for a further 4 years in July 2015 and then she was reappointed as a co-opted governor in September 2019 In her most recent employment, she was responsible for the quality assurance of criminal advocacy and then for the transition of Legal Aid from the Legal Services Commission to the Ministry of Justice, covering all aspects of organisational transition from legislation to transfer of operations, staff, pensions and budget.  She is mum to 4 – all her sons attended Greenway – and has a range of voluntary roles including as a Director for the GB Olympians Association

Responsibilities: :  Chair of Behaviour Panel.  Delivery and Analysis of Parent Questionnaire. Governor Link: PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic)  & RSHE (Relationships, Sex and Health Education); Mental Health & Wellbeing; Behaviour & Attitudes; and PESSPA (Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity) including Sport Premium.

Fiona Duck

CoVice Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor – July 2022-2026

Fiona has been a Governor at Greenway since 2002, both as parent and co-opted governor and is now  Co-Vice Chair of Governors. Over the years she instigated the school library and project managed the build through to completion in 2006 as well as overseeing the windows replacement project. She has 2 grown up children who both attended Greenway. She helps run a Design Consultancy in Berkhamsted with her husband.

Responsibilities: Development/Training. Governor link: Inclusion, SEN, Pupil Premium, Catch Up Premium;, Mental Health & Well-being; Art Curriculum

Katharine Ellwood

Head Teacher

Katharine was appointed as Head Teacher in 2009

Janet English

Co-opted Governor – September 2022-2026

Janet joined Greenway Governing Body as a Co-opted Governor in September 2022.  She has one grown-up son, who attended Greenway.  From 2007 to 2019, Janet was the General Manager of an international data management company, which she co-owned with her husband.  Prior to this, Janet had been a freelance Market Research Consultant, with BT as her main client.  During this time, she also worked as a freelance business coach, coaching market research professionals in people management, client handling and market research skills.

Responsibilities: English Curriculum Link

Mark Loczy

Staff Governor – September 2020-2024

Mark was appointed as a Staff Governor in September 2020 and is currently the Year 5 teacher.

Richard Millar

Parent Governor – October 2019-2023

Rich joined Greenway Governing Body as a parent governor in October 2019. He has 2 children in Years 6  and 4 at Greenway and has had experience of leading large teams and managing big budgets during his professional career.

Responsibilities: Pay Committee. Delivery and Analysis of Staff Survey.  Governor Link: Finance

Elizabeth O’Reilly, MBE

Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor – September 2019-2023

Elizabeth was re-appointed as a Co-opted Governor in September 2019 having served first as a Parent Governor and then a Co-opted Governor at Greenway. In addition to her position as Chair of Governors she is the Safeguarding Link Governor and has a particular responsibility for all personnel related issues. She has acted as an external reviewer of schools Governing Bodies within Hertfordshire and is a Strategic Leader of Governance in the county. Before having her children (who both attended Greenway), Elizabeth was a partner with a large firm of solicitors in London specialising in high net worth divorce.

Responsibilities: Pay Committee; Governor Links – Safeguarding; E Safety; Data; Personnel

Michele Webb

Co-opted Governor (staff) – July 2022-2026

Michele was re-elected as a Co-opted non teaching Governor in July 2022 having previously served 8 years in the same role. Michele is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Midday Supervisory Assistant at Greenway.

Responsibilities: Governor link: Inclusion, SEN, Pupil Premium, Catch up Premium

Timothy Winmill

Parent Governor – October 2019-2023

Tim joined Greenway Governing Body as a parent governor in October 2019. He has 3 children one of whom is in Reception and another who is in Year 3. Tim is Head of People at a large retail chain and has a background in both strategy and finance. 

Responsibilities: Pay Committee.

To contact any of the Governors please telephone the school on 01442 866249 or email

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2022-23: 
Nicola Reid, Parent Governor, Equalities, British Values, Website Compliance; SFVS
Pam Campbell, Parent Governor, Data and Maths Curriculum

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2021-22: 
Rachel Hesslegrave, Co-opted Governor , Curriculum & Learning Commitee
Ian McCaul, Local Authority Governor, Curriculum & Learning Commitee

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2020-21: 
Beth Baylay, Co-opted Governor, Curriculum & Learning Committee

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2019-20: 
Louise Farrow, LA appointed Governor, Personnel, Finance & Premises Committee
Alison Hoffman, Co-opted Governor, Personnel, Finance & Premises Committee
Beverley Murphy, Staff Governor, Personnel, Finance & Premises Committee

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2018-19: 
Ann Marie Costelloe, Parent Governor, Curriculum & Learning Committee 
Claire Riches, Parent Governor, Personnel Finance & Premises Committee

Ex Governors who were in post in the school Year 2017-2018:
Mr Nigel Wiggins, Co-opted Governor & Vice Chair, Personnel Finance & Premises Committee, Curriculum & Learning Committee, Parent Forum