Parent Forum

Parent Forum

About The Parent Forum

The Parent Forum was established as a means by which the Head and Governing Body might consult with the parent body on issues pertinent to the school.  Since its inception the forum has gathered feedback from parents that has been used by the school to improve:

  • Transition
  • Parent/child questionnaire
  • School report
  • Communication between home and school
  • School diaries
  • Healthy eating

The Forum aims to meet once every term.

Meeting Minutes

Parent Forum Minutes – November 2022

Parent Forum Minutes – March 2022

Parent Forum Minutes – February 2021

Parent Forum Minutes – December 2020

Parent Forum Minutes – November 2020

Parent Forum Minutes – March 2020

Parent Forum Minutes – November 2019

Parent Forum Minutes – March 2019

What Happens At A Forum Meeting?

The meeting is chaired by the link governor (Fiona Duck and attended by the Head Teacher (Katharine Ellwood).  A typical agenda includes:

  • Items identified by the Head for discussion
  • Items identified by parents for discussion

Prior to the meeting Forum members consult parents on a particular issue.  The feedback is shared at the meeting and the Forum collectively draws conclusions and recommends action to the Head teacher and Governing body.

Terms Of Reference

Members of the Parent Forum adhere to the following terms of reference:

The Parent Forum is a body of parents, representing parents, led by the Governing Body.  The Forum:

  1. Is a constructive tool with which the Head teacher and Governing Body may consult the Parent Body.
  2. Is a conduit to feed information from the school to parents and from parents to the school.  When asking for feedback from parents forum members should
    • adopt a neutral stance and not offer or promote their personal view.
    • not allow parents to involve you in any other course of action.
  3. Has an advisory and consultative role. The Governing Body remains the decision maker and provides strategic leadership.
  4. Any parent may nominate themselves to become a member of the Forum. Ideally each class will have two representatives. Nominations for members are invited at the beginning of the school year and during the year when a vacancy arises.  Elections will only be held in cases where nominations are received from more than two parents for a class.
  5. The Forum has evening meetings on a termly basis. They are scheduled to run for 90 minutes.
  6. The Forum is attended by the Head and chaired by a Governor.

The Forum does not:

Arrange the teacher collections or parent social evenings this is the role of the class rep. Nor is it to be the interface for specific areas of concern around individual children.

Who Is My Parent Forum Representative?

Parent Forum members for 2022/2023 are shown below.

ClassYearParent Forum representative/s
Green AshNurseryCatherine Millest
Red AshReceptionKirsty Abbas
ElmYear 1Kirsty Lee
PineYear 2Catherine Falla
BeechYear 3Fleur Mumford
WillowYear 4Sam Crowe and Lynsey Linnell
ChestnutYear 5Louise Jenkins
MapleYear 6Emma Hart and Charlotte Gardener

Members of the Parent Forum can be contacted via the school office