Greenway Girls Under 11 Table Tennis Team

Greenway Girls under 11 table tennis team attended the Zonal finals @ Morpeth School, Tower Hamlets on Sunday 20th January 2019.

The team had to play 2 matches each against each school, with a winner being decided across the 8 matches. In game 1, Greenway had a difficult start against a strong opposition. It was 2-2 after the first round. Greenway bounced back fast in the back 4 matches to claw on to a 6-2 victory.

This momentum carried on into game 2 which saw Greenway quickly blitz to an 8-0 victory. This gave them the confidence for game 3 against last year’s national runners up, Earls Hall, who were back for their rematch Vs Greenway who clinched the national finals last year.

Game 3 began and Greenway flew to a 7-1 victory meaning they had just one more team to play. The situation was simple, win and you progress as winners of zone 7.

Greenway remained focus and again stormed to another 8-0 victory. This means the Greenway team will take part in the regional finals in Bristol on Sunday 10th February.

Well done to all the girls!