Science Made Simple, 12.6.19

Thanks to the Ogden Trust, Greenway School was able to invite all our neighbouring schools to see two Science Shows on 12th June. Science Made Simple brought the brilliance of science to life with amazing, high energy interactive shows. The Year 2 children saw ‘Bubbles and Balloons’. They learnt how to: catch a bubble; make it last forever or make it square; stick a pin in a balloon and turn it into a helicopter.

The Year 5 group attended the ‘Music to your Ears’ workshop. They learnt about how we make sounds, record sounds and can see sounds. Science Made Simple revealed the secrets from the basics of sound to the latest in music technology. The children witnessed the ultimate ‘hands-free’ instrument and saw a musical instrument played with a blowtorch! The presenter uncovered the mysteries of how CD players and MP3 players work, and had some fun with synthesised voices!

Children and teachers were thoroughly engaged and enthralled by the shows.  One little boy described it as “The best day he had ever had at school!