Nursery Visit to Meade Open Farm, July 2019

Green Ash had a wonderful trip to the farm on Wednesday 17th July.

The children were so excited to see the coach in the school playground and were very interested to see where their lunch would be stored.

When we arrived at the farm, we listened to Farmer Emily tell us how to care for the animals. We then enjoyed a bumpy tractor ride as Emily talked to us about the animals and crops in the field. We all had to hold on tight!

We found the lambs very noisy and laughed when they pushed each other to get to the milk. “We had to hold on with 2 hands because they tugged so hard at the milk bottles!” We also enjoyed feeding the goats carefully with flat hands. “Their tongues tickled our hands” as they ate.

Lunch round the picnic benches was enjoyed by everybody as was a play in the outside playground.

Everyone displayed superb behaviour; being very kind to the animals and to each other all day. We are very proud of you and your learning Nursery.