General Events

Feeling Good Week 10th-14th February 2020

We launched this Feeling Good Week with a whole school Assembly. We watched a Beano clip which demonstrated how we all have times when we feel sad, worried and angry, as well as feeling happy. It demonstrated the importance of resilience or ‘bounce back ability’, which we all continue to learn. We discussed different ways in which we can make ourselves and other people feel good about themselves. All children have had the opportunity to celebrate their individuality and how this supports their emotional and mental wellbeing this week. The attached photos highlight some of the fun ways in which this has been achieved. For example, each class has enjoyed a session of Yoga and the Herts Daily Mile. Year 6 have created some beautiful bookmarks which will be placed in books at Berkhamsted Library; a lovely surprise for the people who find them and take them home. Similarly, Nursery baked chocolate chip cookies as a surprise for the children in Year 6.