The Great Big Dance Off – 9.3.20

On Monday 9th March children in Year 4 and 6 competed in this year’s Great Big Dance Off  – a national schools dance competition.

Having sailed through the first ‘video submission’ round, the children then had to perform at the Gordon Craig Theatre in Stevenage in the regional heats.  The dance they performed – entitled ‘Brain Freeze’ and choreographed by Mrs Bennett – explores the emotions surrounding the anxieties we have all felt when taking school tests!  The children’s extremely accomplished and mature performance was sensational and their commitment and resilience during the rehearsal process equally inspiring.  They performed on a huge professional stage in front of a capacity crowd and were simply fantastic!  It was the icing on the cake to be told that they finished 2nd – and therefore had made it to the National Finals!

Congratulations to Annabel Howe, Elana Jay, Ella Wiggs, Ellie Gaitskell, Lucy Miller, Olivia Green, Tilly Goss and Vita Bennett.  We can’t wait for the National Finals on 15th June!