Year 2

Pine News, Spring 1 2022


Pine had a wonderful time at our historical toy museum! 
In the morning, the children played with, compared and contrasted a range of toys. They were fascinated to learn how toys have changed!
After break, they became archaeologists and discovered different objects within the soil. Through discussions, the children sorted the objects with convincing views as to why the objects were either parts of toys or not or different types of materials!  
They listened to a lovely story about the well-loved Harry the rocking horse just before lunch! 
In the afternoon, they became toy makers and made a range of toys.
A fun day all round with lots of opportunities for the children reinforce their scientific knowledge and build upon their historical knowledge. 
We have used this valuable experience to inspire our writing this week too! 

Quotes from Pine:

“Best day on my life!”
“I wish I was born when you had these toys, maybe in the 1960s!” 
“I think I would like a spinning top for Christmas!

Mental Health Awareness Week

Here are a few of the things we have been doing to support our mental health:

-We have spent each morning colouring mindfully whilst listening to calming music and we have also started our afternoons this way too!

-We learnt to sign a song about the importance of showing our true colours and talking to people we trust to share how we are feeling.

-We made bracelets and necklaces all about us- what we like about our bodies and our characteristics!