General Events

Summer Camp 2023

Thank you to all the children who came and supported our Summer Camp 2023. This was our 4th year running the camp and we hope your children enjoyed the activities on offer. The weather didn’t quite match the heat and sunshine of Summer Camp 2022 but we still managed to get outside at some point each day.

Art and craft activities included hand embroidery, which we mounted in embroidery hoops, silk painting with children’s interpretation of the Serengeti at sunset, weaving with wool, decoupage letters, sewing and creating animal habitat boxes with paper mache animals.

We also had fun making our own focaccia bread, which turned out to be amazing and gingerbread, and chocolate chip cookies.

Children loved playing hide and seek ‘it’ outside and of course cricket and football. There was pool, speedstacking and table tennis as some of our indoor activities. We had ‘Just dance’ for the children to copy and karaoke in the hall which provided lots of fun. We finished off on the last day of camp with a disco and party games with glow sticks!

We hope you enjoy looking at the pictures and we will keep you posted on plans for 2024!