Visit to the National Space Centre, Leicester, June 2018

The Berkhamsted Partnership is a group of schools involved in a project funded by The Ogden Trust. The Ogden Trust was set up to enhance the teaching and learning of Physics. A small group of children from local schools (including Greenway) were able to visit the National Space Centre in Leicester this week as part of this project.

First, we visited the Challenger Centre for Space Science Education. (This was set up by the families of the astronauts who died in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986).

Challenger Learning Centres gives children the chance to become astronauts and engineers and solve real-world problems as they share the thrill of discovery on a mission through the Solar System. Using space simulation and role-playing strategies, the children cultivate the team working skills that they will need for future success.

Next, we visited the amazing full-dome Planetarium and saw all the other fascinating inter-active exhibits.

It was a wonderful experience and an unforgettable day. If you are ever in Leicester, it is well worth a visit.