Year 2 Gymnastics Competition, 12.3.19

On Tuesday 12th March, year 2 gymnastics team went to JFK school in Hemel Hempstead to compete at the district gymnastics competition. There were 6 in our team who would have to compete in a hall full of parents and competitors.

First, the Greenway team had to be marked for their bench vaulting. The team had to mount a bench, travel along the bench and then dismount with a jump. They were marked out of 10 for their control and landing.

The Greenway team then had to perform their short floor routine that consisted of 6 compulsory components and 1 additional component. The team were marked out of 60 for synchronization, fluidity, control, skill, transition, creativity and general presentation.

At the end, the judges collaborated on the combined results from both disciplines to provide a whole score. Greenway were crowned winners dropping just a mark each in their vaulting and a very strong floor performance.

Well done to Jagger, Sophia, Toby, Freya, Murray and Isla on a fantastic performance in both disciplines!