Year 4

Year 4 Egyptian Day, May 2019

Year 4s were teleported to an Egyptian town where there was a variety of different people, like a bread maker, painter, jewellery maker and clay maker. We had a fantastic time taking our time to create or experience things in order to impress the sun god Aten. Everything that we made was expected to be presented to Aten and if it wasn’t good enough it was rejected. Luckily we did a great job. There was a thief too which we needed to discover! The consequence was to be taken to the desert for the birds to have them! In the afternoon, we split into 4 groups to prepare for a banquet. Some children were slaves and couldn’t eat a thing until everybody else had eaten! One group presented a mime, another group a dance and finally an Apis bull. We ended the day with a banquet with red wine (blackcurrant juice) in goblets, figs, bread, cheese and fruit!