Year 6

Civil Engineers Bridge to Schools Project

Maple class (Year 6) had the opportunity to go to Ashlyns and experience bridge building first hand. The session was presented by an engineer from the Institution of Civil Engineers Bridge to Schools Project.

When dressed in high-vis vests, gloves and hard hats, Year 6 had to follow plans and built a 13m cable-stayed bridge. They worked in two small teams – one starting at either end – and joined the two halves. When constructed, they had the chance to test their engineering skills and walk across the bridge.

Year 6 demonstrated fabulous team work and showed how they could first recognise and then fix problems. Former Greenway parent and civil engineer, Adrian St John, was on hand to offer advice and give the children some fascinating insights and draw parallels with how real-life projects are carried out.

This event was made possible by the generous support of the civil engineers Eiffage Kier JV and we are very grateful to Adrian St John for being the facilitator.