Year 6

Legal Eagles Visit Year 6

Year 6 enjoyed a visit from a couple of local magistrates and they were surprised to discover that magistrates are volunteers who give their time for free. The children learnt about the legal system and magistrate’s different roles in the family, youth and adult branches of magistrate’s courts. They found out about different offences and the punishments that result if somebody is found guilty.

Year 6 really enjoyed the opportunity to recreate a court case and hear stories from real life cases.

The children had many questions to ask our visitors and were particularly interested to hear what they had to say about cyber bullying. We learnt that this is considered to be ‘harassment’ and that as little as two offensive messages can result in police action.     

Here are some quotes from Year 6:

‘I learnt a lot from the magistrates and it was very interesting. Being jailed for life actually means 25 years and it was interesting to see how they do things in court,’ Matthew.

I learnt that if you  are 10-18 you go to the youth court but if you are 18 you go to the adult court,’ Niamh.

‘I learnt that sometimes people have a special bracelet attached to their leg and then they have to stay in their house between certain times,’ Ella.

We found out that there is no limit to how much a magistrate can fine you – it depends on how much you earn. If children commit an offence then their parents have to pay!’ Leo and Isola.